Six on Saturday: New Uses for Mouse Pads

We all know that mouse pads are helpful when operating our computers mouse.
But did you know those mouse pads can do more than just surf the web?

Discover six new uses for those mouse pads that might
have you stealing it from your mouse! 🙂
1) Quiet your cabinets. Cut your mouse pad into nickle-sized circles and glue them to the corner of cabinets doors. Say goodbye to those loud bangs!

2) Save your counter top. A mouse pad with a non-plastic coating can be great to use in the kitchen as a trivet, protecting your counter from heat damage.

3) Catch the condensation. Cut up some mouse pads to use them as drink coasters.

4) Open jars with ease. Use the rubber underside of a mouse pad to loosen the stubborn lids of jars or bottles.

5) Line your dish cabinets. Yes, cabinet liners are pretty cheap. But if you have old mouse pads just lying around, they are FREE. Place them in you kitchen cabinets to protect your dishes.

6) Protect your floors. To prevent table legs and chairs from scuffing your floors, cut your mouse pad into small pieces and glue each piece to the bottom of a leg.

Do you know of any other new uses for mouse pads?

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