DIY Duck Tape® Chalkboard Placemats {Tutorial}

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

My little guy is headed to first grade in less than a week. And yes, if you are wondering…I am freaking out!  
I am worried about him mixing with older kids and no longer being sheltered in the Kindergarten cocoon. 
I am also a little worried about meal times.
My guy is soooo not a morning person. It takes awhile for him to get hungry in the morning.
 So I know getting up early and eating breakfast is going to be a struggle. 
For back to school I wanted to make a fun placemat to greet him every morning!

These do-it-yourself Duck Tape® chalkboard placemats could not be easier. 
I made a trip to Walmart to grab my Duck Tape® and two plastic placemats. 
Did you know you can buy Duck Tape at Walmart? 
It’s displayed in the hardware section and there are tons of different styles and colors. 
I picked out the “I {heart} bacon” style. Bacon and breakfast go together perfectly, don’t ya think? 
 I am pretty sure you can guess who picked out the Spongebob tape. 🙂

Once I got home, I laid out some newspaper and placed my mats upside down. 
Then I grabbed my chalkboard paint from the garage and got to painting. 
I gave each place mat two coats of paint with an hour or so of dry time between coats.
Once the mats were dry, it was time to add some fun color with Duck Tape®. 
I placed the tape on each side first. 
With the Spongebob style, I decided to only add tape to the sides because of the design. 
I didn’t want sideways Spongebob faces!
With the bacon tape, I completely framed the mat. I like the look of both styles. 
I think they each have their own personality. 🙂 
After I framed the mats it was time to season the chalkboard paint. 
Basically to season, you just rub a piece of chalk sides over the paint. 
Then wipe away the chalk and you’re ready to write your first message. 🙂
I love how easy the Duck Tape® was to apply.  I truly was amazed at all the different styles. You could get really creative with all your back to school shopping items.
 Duck Tape® would go great on pencil boxes, notebooks, folders. 
The possibilities are endless! To see more inspiration, follow @TheDuckBrand for tons of ideas!
So, anyone else have trouble getting their little ones up early? 
How about moms? Why do the mornings have to come so early? 🙂

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