Six on Saturday: New Uses for Hair Spray


We all know that hair spray is great for holding your do in place,
but did you know it has some other neat uses as well?

Discover six new uses for hair spray that won’t leave you sticky. 🙂

1) Keep your shine longer. Protect your newly shined shoes with a light coating of hair spray.

2) Kiss that smudge good-bye. To remove a lipstick stain from a washable shirt simply saturate the spot with hair spray. Let it sit for 10 minutes than dab with a damp cloth to remove. Launder as usual.

3) Make drapes dust-free. Did you just clean your drapes? Keep them clean longer by applying several coats of hair spray, letting each coat dry thoroughly before the next one.
4) Stop static fast. Halt static cling in the winter with a quick spray of hair spray in the areas that are bunching.

5) Enjoy your flowers longer. Preserve your beautiful cut flowers by standing about a foot away from the bouquet and then giving a quick spray. Postpone that wilting just a little longer. 🙂

6) Help you thread a needle. Spray the string’s end with hairspray to prevent it from fraying. No more frustrating sewing sessions. 🙂
Do you have a new use for hairspray?

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