Six on Saturday: New Uses for Fireplace Ashes

We all know that fireplace ashes can be messy.
But did you know those leftover ashes can actually be useful?

Discover six new uses for fireplace ashes that won’t leave you smokin’. 🙂

1) Clean your glass fireplace doors. Scrub away sooty residue with a damp sponge dipped in ashes.
2) Hide stains on pavement. Clean up wet paint splatters on cement by sprinkling a little ash directly on the top; then blend it in with the bottom of your shoe. 

3) Block garden pest. Ash repels slugs and snails so spread it evenly around garden beds.

4) Melt ice safely. Sprinkling ash on ice adds traction and de-ices without hurting soil or the concrete underneath.
5) Pump up your tomatoes. For these calcium-loving plants, place 1/4 cup of ash right in the hole when planting.
6) De-skunk your pets. A handful of ash rubbed on Fido’s coat will neutralize any stinky odors.
Do you know of a new use for fireplace ashes?

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