Six on Saturday: New Uses for Emery Boards

We all know that emery boards are great for those unpredictable nail snags.
No purse is complete without one, right ladies?
But did you know that those little filing boards can do more than smooth a break?

Discover six new uses for an emery board that may
help you change more than just the shape of your nails. 
1) Sharpen dull tweezers. Close your tweezers around an emery board and pull the board out a few times in three different directions. Now who’s got some sharp tweezers?
2) Remove stains on suede. Gentle rub the file (either side) across the problem area a few times to get rid of the splotch.

3) Sand deep crevices. An emery board is perfect for sanding those hard-to-reach crevices before applying your stain or finish.

4) Revive and old eraser. Dried out eraser not erasing much? Lightly rub it over an emery board. Now you have a good-as-a-new mistake-removing surface.

5) Makes a perfect splint. Place and injured finger in between two nail files and secure with tape. This works great in a jam. (Get it?) 🙂

6) Prep seeds for planting. Use an emery board to gently file away the hard coating on seeds before you plant them. This will speed sprouting and help them to absorb moisture.

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Do you know any other new uses for emery boards?

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