Six on Saturday: New Uses for Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are our best friend in the morning
when we desperately need that first cup of joe to start the day.
But did you know they can do more than
just help you satisfy that caffeine craving? 
Discover six new ways a coffee filter can help make your life easier.
1) Save your favorite bottle of vino. Don’t fret over a broken cork, place a filter over a pitcher and slowly pour the wine into it.


2) Get your windows to sparkle. Coffee filters are great to use if you are out of paper towels because they leave no lint or other residue. 
3) Keep your soil in place. When re-potting your plants, place a filter over the drainage hole then add your soil.
4) Contain your snacks. Save time on clean up and and use the filters as disposable bowls.
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5) Prevent scratches on your china. Place flattened coffee filters as spacers when you stack your dishes.

6) Heat up leftovers without a mess. Use a filter as a protective covering over your bowl or plate.
 Do you know any other great uses for a coffee filter?

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  1. Absolute genius! I would have never thought of using a coffee filter in the microwave, but it makes so much sense. THANK YOU!!! (I also love the snack bowl idea. So much cheaper than paper bowls or plates and can be recycled in flower pots–cool!

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