Six on Saturday: New Uses for Clothespins

We all know that clothespins are great for hanging 
your laundry on the outside clothes line.
But did you know they can do more than 
just keep your sheets from blowing away?

Discover six new uses for clothespins that won’t
leave you hanging in the breeze!
1) Support your stems. Support your vine and climbing plants in the garden. (Just make sure the stems pass through the holes in the pin.)
2) Hammer that nail (save your fingers). Clamp the nail in the clothespin and position it where you want the picture to hang. Steady the pin with your fingers while you tap the nail into the wall.

3) Organize your thread. Keep your threads safe and organized by wrapping them around the pin. Then use the bottom of the clothespin to secure the end.

4) Bookmark your book. Hold your place– and the page in a cookbook with a clothespin while you’re busy mixing ingredients.

5) Create a place card holder. Write the name of your guest on a piece of paper and place inside the clothespin. You can keep it simple or add some color by spray painting the pins.
6) Hold your cord. Keep a retractable cord from rewinding to soon. Just clip the cord near the opening to prevent the cord from being sucked back in too quickly.

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Do you know any other great new uses for clothespins?

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