Six on Saturday: New Uses for Cardboard Rolls


We all know that cardboard rolls are great for storing paper 
and the occasional pretend sword fight. 

But did you know those rolls can do more than just give 
you easy access to paper?

Discover six new uses for cardboard rolls that will have
you a teeny bit happy that you ran out of toilet paper. 🙂

1) Extend your reach. Having trouble vacuuming those cobwebs in the corner of your ceiling? Attach a cardboard tube to the end of your vacuum hose to add a few extra inches.

2) Hold your plastic bags. Store and dispense plastic bags by stuffing them into a cardboard roll. Then place in a drawer for easy storage. Keeping a tidier kitchen is in the bag! 🙂

3) Find your hair accessories. Stop searching for hair clips and elastics by keeping them stored on an empty toilet paper tube.

4) Store your cords. A cardboard roll is wonderful at keeping extension cords tangle-free.

5) Organize your linens. Keep your linen placements and table runners crease-free by rolling them around a paper towel cardboard roll instead of folding.

6) Keep it together. Stop your wrapping paper from unraveling by sliding empty toilet tubes over the rolls.

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Do you know a new use for cardboard rolls?

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