Six on Saturday: New Uses for Bundt Pans

We all know that a Bundt pan can make a delicious cake,
but did you know it’s many other sweet uses?

1) Create an elegant ice mold for your next party. Simply fill the pan with water and freeze, then pop out before serving.


2) Cook a festive breakfast. Frittatas are generally made in a skillet, but using a Bundt pan can offer an easy and creative alternative. Try this asparagus frittata recipe HERE.

3) Roast your chicken vertically. Place some carrots, potatoes and onions in the bottom of the pan first. Season your chicken and place in the pan with the cavity over the center hole. Then place the pan on a cookie sheet to catch any drippings and roast as usual.
4) Serve your guests in style. Place muffins and scones inside the pan. Then place some flowers in the center with a small vase underneath the center hole. Your tea parties will never be the same. 🙂
(all photos credit)
5) Slice your corn with ease. Place an ear of corn in the center of the pan. Slide your knife down the side and your corn will fall right into the pan. 

6) Hold beautiful blooms for your patio table. Cut the center hole larger, plant some flowers in the pan and insert the patio umbrella right through the middle.

Do you know any great new uses for a bundt pan?


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