Pottery Barn Inspired Gallery Wall

Who doesn’t love walking into a home and immediately seeing treasured moments? I have always wanted a gallery wall in my home. They reflect the happiness and joy of a family.


Gallery Wall intro
Although the desire was there, I didn’t have any idea of the layout or more importantly, the how to. I stumbled upon this gallery picture from a Pottery Barn catalog and fell.in.love.


pb gallery wall
I liked the symmetry and simplicity of the layout. Plus, I already had five square picture frames in my house. This had to be a sign from the ‘Decorating Gods’ right? 🙂


I decided this was going to be my inspiration, now to the how-to. I discovered the easiest way to measure/space each picture without putting tons of holes in the wall was using paper cut outs. Like this…

Gallery Wall (11)
Painters tape held them to the wall and I have to say that it worked well. You just can’t leave it up for days, hence the paper that is falling off. 🙂


I do admit, I love the results. Although, my photography skills need some work. (Disclaimer: I promise you, these frames are level and spaced evenly.)

Gallery Wall (1)
I chose to display pictures of our family only. I rotated between pictures of little man by himself, ones with all three of us, or just little man with Chris or me.

For the giant middle picture I wanted a picture of nature, no people. I don’t know why, but a giant face staring at you as you come down the stairs just seemed kinda creepy to me. 🙂

Gallery Wall

This picture is from our summer hike to Emerald Lake. A beautiful picture to remind us of a beautiful memory. 

I had to include pictures of my two favorite things…our pug Butters and our trip to New York City. (L.O.V.E. NYC!)

Gallery Wall (5)

Another close up of more pictures…love little man playing on a little keyboard. That’s when he was my little baby, sniff.

Gallery Wall (6)

Here’s a view of the gallery wall as you come down the stairs.

Gallery Wall (3)

Of course, it wouldn’t be my gallery wall without a quote, right? I found the perfect quote for our little family…

Gallery Wall (7)

I love this design and if you do too, you will have the chance to get your very own in my latest giveaway. Hop over here to win a $50 credit to Brightsides Designs!

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  1. Thanks, Angie. And no, ask away! Most of my frames I got at Hobby Lobby on sale 50% off. The larger three frames I purchased at Michaels on sale for 65% off. I just love sales! 🙂

  2. I love this wall! I have never seen an almost perfect pottery barn knockoff. You rock! Also,I love the digital designs from Brightside, so I had to enter the giveaway. Hope that I win!
    Thanks for the inspiration


  3. It’s party time over at Debt Free Mommy Blog! Please come by and link up your spaces with Making Space Mondays link party #10. I hope to see you there! -Tabitha

  4. I just had to make a comment! First, your wall turned out great! Very adorable subject matter and I totally agree about the landscape for the big picture.
    But, imagine my surprise when I went to link with Thrifty Decor Chick, and the very first link is titled exactly like mine! I guess it happens, and I guess that means we like the same things and both have VERY good taste!

  5. It is no small feat to hang that many pictures and have them all level and spaced properly. You did a fantastic job — your gallery looks great!

    Visiting from You’re Gonna Love It Tuesday.

  6. Stunning! Isn’t it funny how shadows will make things look crooked? Lol! I love the theme too. Photos of love surrounding a lovely scene. Thank you for sharing at the party this week!

  7. Hi, over from Kathe’s with an E. You did a great job. I have lots of art that I have done just accumulating and what a perfect way to display it. Great post. Pop over for a visit in my neck of the woods if you find time. Blessings

  8. I love gallery walls and always wondered how to go about one. Thanks for the instructions. Yours is beautiful! Thanks for linking up to Small Victory Sunday Linkup.

  9. My goal is to have a gallery wall by end of summer. I love yours and love your tips for putting one up. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy

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