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Create a fabulous outdoor patio dining experience with unique furniture!

We bought our outdoor patio dining furniture before our first son was born. Seeing that Sebastian is now 14 years old, I’m feeling it’s time for a change! So I’ve been shopping for some new patio dining furniture for our backyard deck.

But before I went shopping, I wanted to look around for some inspiration. I sort of had an idea of the look I wanted. But who doesn’t love looking at some fabulous outdoor dining areas. Wanna see what outdoor patio dining eye-candy I found? 

Outdoor Patio Dining Inspiration

First up is this gorgeous (wish I could fit this whole set up in my backyard) outdoor dining area with stone fireplace. I could spend all day out here! Can you picture what this place looks like at night when there’s a fire going? Love. 

patio dining area with outdoor stone fireplace
photo: pieter estersohn

Ok, yes. Here’s another outdoor fireplace seating area that is also unbelievably lovely. But what first caught my eye was the patio dining table and chairs. I really love the mix of the concrete table with the wood chairs. So sleek and complimentary!

outdoor patio dining area in pea gravel with outdoor fireplace under covered patio
photo: pieter estersohn

I immediately loved this patio dining set up of a white metal table with black rattan chairs. And of course, the striped awnings are obviously the real stars of this outdoor seating area! So adorable.

outdoor patio dining area under striped awning metal table with woven chairs
photo: peter murdock

This outdoor dining area is amazing! First off, love all the blue tile around the grilling station. But the combination of a marble table with wicker chairs is such a beautiful combination.

outdoor dining area with marble table and wicker chairs
photo: luke white

And last but definitely not least, this simple outdoor patio dining area. The wood table with black metal chairs could not be more classic.

outdoor patio dining area with wood table and metal chairs
photo: victoria pearson

As I scanned over more and more inspirational photos, I noticed a trend that I was loving – table and chair mixed combos. Don’t get me wrong, I do love when the table and chairs match – whether be the same color of wood or made from the same material.

But there’s just something great about a complimenting mixed combo of patio dining furniture.

Patio Dining Furniture Combos

So as I was shopping around, I started to shop for different tables and chairs to mix together. And I came up with some pretty combos. Let me show you!

Woven + Wood Combo

The first combo I think works beautifully together is woven chairs with a lovely wood table. To make it even more fun, I played up the contrast by choosing black chairs. But you could go with woven chairs in the same color as the table. 🙂

patio dining furniture woven and wood combo

wood tables to shop:

woven chairs to shop:

Wicker + Metal Combo

Another great patio dining combo is wicker chairs with a gorgeous rectangle metal table. This combo is one of my favorites because I feel it’s a very modern and classic look for outdoor dining.

patio dining furniture wicker and metal combo

metal tables to shop:

wicker chairs to shop:

Rattan + Concrete Combo

This gorgeous combo of a concrete table with some beautiful rattan chairs has been trending for several years. Concrete tables tend to be more expensive but I imagine they hold up better in the weather.

(Since I’ve never owned one – I don’t know that for a fact. But if you have one, I’d love to know how yours has done over the years.)

patio dining furniture rattan and concrete combo

concrete tables to shop:

rattan chairs to shop:

Metal + Modern Combo

You can’t go wrong with a classic modern farmhouse wood table and some stylin’ metal Windsor chairs. I was sooooo in love with this look and almost got this exact combo for our backyard deck. But I decided to go with a different look I will share with you in a couple of weeks. 🙂

patio dining furniture metal and modern combo

modern tables to shop:

metal chairs to shop:

Teak + Wicker Combo

Wicker and teak is like the perfect outdoor dining combo! Both materials hold up well in the weather. My personal favorite is a round wicker table with a glass top. Maybe not the best option if you have children. But otherwise – I very classic summer look!

patio dining furniture teak and wicker combo

wicker tables to shop:

teak chairs to shop:

So many great combos right?! Whether you like to have all your patio dining furniture match or want to try and mix things up — hopefully you found a ton of inspiration and some new choices to consider!

I am curious though…do you like the mixed combo look? Which one was your favorite?

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