One Room Challenge – Week 3

So it’s officially the half way mark in this one room challenge. This past week I made some progress on the living room by giving the fireplace a touch up. It was stuck in the 90’s and needed a new look so I gladly obliged.

Because everyone loves a good before and after…let’s take a  look at how the fireplace looked when we moved in.

fireplace before

Don’t you love those lace curtains? Um…no. Those were taken down on day one of owning this home. But I digress, back to the fireplace. First off…just say no to brass. Ain’t no one got time for that. 😉 And the green paint on the border? I’m just as confused as you. Why? Nothing else in the whole house was painted with this particular color so you know that’s has to go as well.

After a little time spent painting, this is how it looks as of yesterday…

fireplace after

Big improvement, right? I think so. I love that the brass is gone and a soft grey has covered over the ugly green. Want to know how I got rid of the brass on the fireplace? With this wonderful paint…

rustoleum high heat paint to cover brass on fireplace

It’s a high heat paint that is perfect for fireplaces or even BBQ grills. It only took a few coats…

apply the high heat paint to the cover that brass

And that brass was gone in a flash. Next up, was that green. It’s time for you to leave!

saying goodbye to the green with some soft grey

I covered over that color with a couple of coats of Reflection by Sherwin Williams. And now…this space is looking so much nicer.

fireplace after close up

Of course, I still need to decorate the mantel and add some accessories. But this space is changing and I think for the better. 😉

Give your old fireplace a new look with only a little'll be amazed!

I have a new rug on it’s way and should be arriving on Monday. It’s going to be so soft and gorgeous. I can’t wait! So much to still do and only a few weeks left…

So do you like the new look of the fireplace?



  1. LOVE your fireplace update Laura! I did one like that a couple of years ago but not so extensive. It sure makes it look better! I’m also doing the ORC!

    1. Thanks, Debi! I will have to go check out your progress. Can’t believe we only have a couple of weeks left…it’s time to get busy!

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