Mother’s Day Ideas – All Under $50

Mother’s Day is only a few weeks away. I found some great gift ideas for all the moms in your life. My gift guide could even help your hubby get you a little something sweet this year.

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It’s true that I would love to get every one of these lovely items. Let me tell you why starting off with the perfect coffee mug that totally matches my life. I could wear the mom shirt every day…with pride! I think my son could too. 😉

I’ve been looking for a sweet necklace to wear my boys close to my heart everyday. I think this one is so simple but so pretty. Staying hydrated isn’t easy for this mom. I get so busy sometimes that I forget to drink water, but this lovely turquoise water bottle has my name all over it.

I really love this burlap framed wall art. It’s personalized with the dates all the bundles of joy arrived. Such a wonderful keepsake of the biggest blessings I’ve have ever received in my life.

A pillow I can display in my house telling me daily how awesome I am? Well, I’ll take it! 😉 My phone is in desperate need of a cover. I actually have already dropped my phone and cracked it. Yep. I have had it for oh, about 4 months. Oops. (To my hubby….buy me one of these already would ya?!)

The leather bag is reversible ladies. How cool is that?! Not only is big enough for a mom to carry all the stuff moms need daily, but you can change the look to match your outfits. Score! A cute little trinket tray to say ‘You Da Mom!’ Of course that is a necessity for every mom.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas to buy for your mom or mother-in-law. Or even just email this post to the hubby for a little hint, hint for you. 😉 I know I am.

Where did I find all these items? For you – I’ve sourced the items so you can buy the perfect gift! When you click on each picture below it will take you right to the website where I found it!

What’s your favorite item?


  1. Oh my goodness, I NEED those matching shirts in my life! I’m sending this to my hubs as a hint hint nudge nudge 😉

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