Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – Family and Home Favorites

Have you been shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale? If no because you didn’t have early access…tomorrow July 22 is your day! The sale is then officially open to the public. I shared with you what was in my shopping bag last week. Today I wanted to show you some great family and home deals to good to miss!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Open to Public

One of the greatest finds I snag at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is shoes for my oldest boy. I like to buy him quality sneakers but I don’t want to pay like $100 for them. This year I got him these Nike athletic shoes…

nike athletic shoe


They are on sale from $80 to $52. Almost half off is a good price to me and generally they will last the school year. Another great item to buy is coats!

Here are all my favorites for the family: (click on any picture for more information)

Nike Athletic Shoe / Hooded Flannel Shirt / Fleece Bunting /  Sweatpants / Waterproof Boots / Down Jacket

When it comes to shopping for the home, they are some great buys too. I am seriously thinking about buying a down comforter. Our currently one is like tissue paper. In the middle of winter in Colorado, tissue paper just doesn’t warm ya up. 😉

Here are all my favorites for home: (click on any picture for more information)

Down Comforter / Cable Knit Throw / Oval Stoneware / Happy Place Sign / Pillow / Tablet/Book Stand

 I also wanted to share a shopping tip with you. Tomorrow things will sale out fast! So I suggest visiting Nordstrom’s website now and adding your favorites to your WISH LIST. Then tomorrow you can easily move those into your shopping cart and check out in a flash. Be sure and come back and tell me what you bought!

Happy Shopping!

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