Six on Saturday: New Uses for Onions

We all know that onions are great for adding savory to our favorite meals, but did you know those strong smelling vegetables can do more than just make you cry?

new uses for onions -IFM

So let’s peel back the layers and discover six new ways to use an onion in your home. 😉

1) Remove rust. Jab a dirty knife into a large raw onion and — pow!– no more rust!

2) Avoid windshield frost. Prevent frost from forming by slicing a raw onion in half and rubbing it against your car windshield at night.

avoid frost build up with onions

3) Soothe insect bites. Have a super itchy bug bite that won’t quit? Try rubbing raw onion onto it– it’ll calm the area down.

4) Polish metal. Crush up an onion and combine it with equal parts water. Using a damp cloth, rub the mixture onto metal surfaces like faucets or fixtures until they are shine and clean.

clean faucets with onions

5) Absorb “new paint” smell. Cut up slices of raw onion and place them in a bowl of water. Leave the bowl in the newly painted room overnight to absorb the strong paint fumes.

6) Clean your grill. Chop an onion in half and spear it with a long fork. First scrub the grill with a wire brush to remove gunk, then turn on the heat. Run the onion over the grill until all the debris is gone.

clean your grill with onions

Do you know a new use for onions?


  1. I’ve used a raw onion (just cut in half) placed on a dish or in a glass on my bedside table when not feeling well or stuffy nose. Supposedly helps take away the “bad” germs or toxic whatever and helps you feel better!! Was kind of skeptical the first time, but really do think it worked!! Now it is my first “go to” home remedy!! Thanks for the other tips! Very useful to know!

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