My View is New! A Blindsgalore Review

When we moved into this house two and half months ago…I had a very long to-do list. Paint and window blinds were the first two items I needed to tackle. It’s almost Thanksgiving and do I have the painting done? Ummmm. No. BUT I do now have all of my window treatments installed. The lack of privacy was really getting to me! I kinda took for granted the super nice faux wood window treatments we had in our last house. But thanks to my good friends at Blindsgalore, I once again have beautiful blinds and shades.  If you’re shopping for new window treatments, I have three tips you may find helpful.

tips for choosing window treatments

Basically there are two types of window treatments: blinds or shades. For my house I selected a mixture of both. Why? Because of tip #1.

Tip #1. Consider the Room

For my downstairs living area, I wanted a nice clean look with lots of natural light. I also wanted blinds that were low maintenance and affordable. I decided to go with faux wood blinds in a smooth off white finish. These blinds feel and look like wood blinds but are less expensive and more durable. Plus, they won’t fade or warp so they’re perfect for my kitchen.

kitchen window blinds

They also look gorgeous in my dining room and give me a clear view into my backyard. Great for when I need to check on my son playing on the trampoline.

dining room blinds

I even added these faux wood blinds to my front door sidelight window. The original owners had painted the trim a dark red and placed a privacy film on the glass. A few coats of white paint, a tug on the film, new blinds and this side light window is now stylin’. I love it!

before and after side light window

For the upstairs bedrooms I wanted window treatments that would provide privacy, be energy efficient and create lots of darkness.  This busy mom is wanting her baby to nap as much as possible! 😉 So my faux wood blinds were out. Instead I  decided to pick top down, bottom up cellular shades. I already love their look in the rooms and I’m hoping my electricity bill loves them too! 😉

cellular shade in boys bedroom

Tip #2: Consider the Finish

Choosing the colors and texture of your blinds can be a little overwhelming. For the faux wood blinds I chose an Off White color with a smooth finish. Why? I hate to dust people. Hate it. So an Off White color hides dust particles while a smooth finish helps me clean them with a simple wipe.

faux wood blinds close up

When it came to the cellular shades I picked the color Lace. It’s a nice light neutral gray that will compliment any of my bedroom decors.

cellular shade in boys bedroom- close up

Tips #3: Consider the Company

There are a ton of blind companies to chose from online. I am so glad I selected Blindsgalore. The quality of their blinds is fabulous and their customer service is outstanding. How do I know? Well, I started to install my kitchen blinds when I realized that I had reversed my height and width measurements when placing my order. I contacted them requesting a new blind and told them I would gladly pay for the replacement window treatment since it was MY mistake. The same day, I got an email stating my new blind was on it’s way with no additional charges! I was so happy.

The whole family is loving our new window treatments. Baby is taking longer naps, I can easily see who’s at my front door now and no more streaking for my hubby. 😉


Disclosure: A big Thank You to Blindsgalore for providing me with new window treatments for my home in exchange for this review. All opinions of course, are my own. This company has amazing customer service and it’s been my pleasure to work with them!


  1. They look great! I am looking for some wood blinds myself so thanks for letting me know about this company!

  2. These look amazing! I’ve shopped with Blindsgalore before too and can’t say enough good things about their professional customer service and quality window treatments!

  3. Great tips! After almost 10 years I finally settled on window treatments for our living room. I posted that today! Not the usual but it suits our old farmhouse. Have a good day! Linda from The Scoop!

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