Tips for a Happy Baby


If you have a baby, you want them happy. All the time. Reality is there will be tears and screaming. But if you can keep the smiles and giggles around to 75% of the day…life is good! Today I’m sharing a few of my tips for a happy baby.

tips for a happy baby

Tip #1. Sleep. Lots of it! Britton generally sleeps about 12 hours a night and naps between 4-5 hours in the day. I’m so jealous of his sleep schedule! 😉 But truth be told; the more sleep he gets, the more smiles and giggles I receive. If everyone got that much sleep at night just think how happier the whole world would be!

Tip #2. Routine. Stick to it! I try to keep to a schedule as much as I can. Britton is usually the first one up in the mornings, so I get him changed and feed before Sebastian wakes up. Then it’s off to school. Back for morning nap, lunch, afternoon nap, back to school. Then it’s home for dinner and bath and bed.  Yes, things will come up and naps will be missed. When that happens it’s time to remember tip #3.

Tip #3. Flexibility. The more the better!  I’ve discovered that my mood can effect the baby’s. If I just roll with those inevitable surprises throughout the day, we all stay happier. Plus, I’m also teaching my sons a valuable lesson for life. 😉

Tip #4. Diet. It’s important. We have seen in our family a direct connection between moods and the food we eat. So I try to keep our diets pretty clean. I buy organic when I can and formula that’s Non-GMO like Gerber’s Good Start.

Tip #5. Get Goofy. Often! There’s enough seriousness in life. Get goofy with your kids and listen to the giggles that follow!

What tips do you have that help keep your baby happy?

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  1. All valuable points Laura! Having a 20-month-old daughter and a 6-year-old I follow these tips too, especially the routine part. Really useful, thanks for sharing!

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