Christmas Over the Years

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I was going through some old Christmas photos the other day. My heart filled with joy as a viewed each one. It’s been such a beautiful blessing to watch my little boy change and grow from season to season.

When he was around two years old I managed to sneak a picture of him in a super cute winter hat in front of our Christmas tree.

boy in winter hat by Christmas tree

I ask you…how adorable is that little face? He wasn’t such a fan of the hat as I was, but I still made him wear it outdoors. That’s what a good parent does, right?!

One of my absolute favorite pictures of Sebastian is the first time he went to see Santa.

santa with my little boy

He was a little nervous but this picture turned out amazing and is such a treasured memory to me. I can’t wait to take both boys this year. 🙂

One year I even managed to capture my cute little boy all dressed in his finest wrapped in some twinkling lights. (I may or may have not posed this whole set up. hehe)

christmas boy wrapped in lights

It was so good…I used it in our yearly Christmas cards.

As I look back I remember how the whole experience of Christmas can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. I want my kids to really enjoy the “magic” of the holiday and sometimes that requires a lot of work. For example, a few days ago I was on a ladder in freezing temps, hanging Christmas lights. Why? For my kids. I put up our tree and decorated it, late at night. Why? For my kids. I’ve been playing no-stop Christmas music during the day. Why? For my kids. Are my house Christmas lights perfect? Nope. I didn’t do the whole house cause I couldn’t feel my fingers anymore. Is my tree perfectly decorated? Not even. When you have a 9 month old…somethings got to give. 😉

The point is I’m trying. I’m #doingood to give my kids a memorable holiday. And I have a sneaky feeling you are doing the exact same thing. Remember: it doesn’t have to be perfect to be memorable. 🙂

If you have doubted your abilities as a parent, you’re not alone. Just watch this video and see what I mean…

See…you are doing better than you think! But we could all use a little encouragement along the way right? So next time you drive through your neighborhood and see a freezing parent out there hanging up those lights, roll down the window and give a shout, “You’re doin’ good!” Or maybe you’re in the mall and see a mom struggling to keep her kids happy while they wait in a super long line to see Santa. Give her a smile and say, “You’re doin’ good!”  I challenge you to reach out to other parents this holiday and let them know THEY ARE creating many special moments with their children. Moments that will be treasured and remembered for a lifetime. 🙂

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