My Life This Week

It all started on Sunday night
when my little man told me he had a loose tooth.
Very cool. He’s first loose tooth.
 I think we all can remember getting a loose tooth,
You have to constantly play with it,
which is what he did.
All day Monday when went to see this…
 (Which is very funny by the way, you will definitely love it.
Maybe your kids will too!) he he
Still playing with the tooth when we
stopped here to play with the community train table…
 Went here for some dinner and fun,
and of course touched more stuff and our tooth.
 Then the next morning, very early like 4:45 to be exact
my little man is standing next to my bed. 
He says he is thirsty. I feel him and he is hot.
You know where this is going, don’t cha’?
Yep. He has a fever and now we are
officially sick.
We didn’t sleep much that night,
the night after that I slept on the floor in his room 
so we wouldn’t wake the real working man of this house.
Over the past few days little man has been doing lots of this…
I have been doing lots of this…
And with a sick little man to take care of,
I have been unable to work on this

Not to mention the fact that the garage is now like 150 degrees!

I do have a few other projects I am working on…
~a guest bathroom makeover

~creating a gallery wall

~July mantel

and yes,
still the garage.

I am going to try an knock out some of these projects
while little man naps.

Oh by the way, he still hasn’t lost his tooth,
which is good because being the prepared mom I am
I didn’t have a tooth fairy pillow.
But, I found one!

 Isn’t that cute?! It’s a dinosaur tooth fairy.
That’s a real thing ya know! 🙂
If you are in the need of a tooth fairy pillow,
Chasing Fireflies has a big selection for both girls and boys.
(No paid endorsement here, just a helpful tip.)

I am off now to grab some more coffee,
check on my little man,
and get busy finishing something!! 🙂

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