My Closet Remodel!! The Beginning…

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Remember when I posted awhile back, that I was going to remodel my closet…well, the transformation has begun. Usually I like to show you my projects all finished and pretty, but this time I thought I would share with you the ‘in progress’ pictures!

Have I ever shown you pictures of my closet?? No! Well then, let me show you what I had to work with…
Bottom Shelf

Top Shelf

Here is a look at the closet on the left as you enter. This is where my husband keeps most of his clothes. Love the builder wire shelves!! (Joke, people!)

Right side of the closet…which is also known as ‘my side’. Besides the ugly unorganized mess…the area is so crowded! And those sweater shelves are just not keeping up with our ever growing t-shirts!! 

The top shelves are out of control too! And the last picture is of the two shoe racks…oh…and the pile of clothes on the floor. Yeah….(blushing)…pretty embarrassed. But….I think you will see a big difference…
I removed all the clothes and then it was demolition time! I wish I would have taken some pictures of that ’cause that was FUN!  Oh well, next time I destroy something, I will share!! After I cleared that out,  I painted the walls one of the same colors in our bedroom…

Then it was time to build the shelves. I used a plan courtesy of Ana White. Although, I did modify it a little…I went taller and skinner. Just like we all want to be, right ladies?! 😉 

Here is the first shelf…

And here are two columns of shelves side by side. I measured out the floor placement with painter tape on the carpet!!
I also changed Ana’s plans by making two of the shelves adjustable on each column. Then I anchored them to the walls and added clothe rods between the group and added shelves on top of that….like you see here….

Bottom of Two Column Wall

Top of Two Column Wall

 On the back wall of the closet I put a wider single column of shelves….

I also added clothe rods and shelves, two on the left and one on the right. The area on the right is for long items like dresses and long coats. I also reserve this area for items of clothing that I don’t wear very often. And this corner makes a great area to store my boots…see….

I still have a whole area to finish…..
Right now, this area is a laundry hamper, some shoes and a storage area to my working tools! But I have sweet plans for this space….very sweet!! That is to come…

And I also have a few more touches to add, like a mirror, label holders, a bench, jewelry hangers, and some decorative baskets. Oh, and some new hangers! That would be the cherry on top!!!


  1. That certainly is an inspiring transformation! I really need to get my closets in order as well. Maybe this will give me a push. Thanks!

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