My 4th Of July Shelves

It’s the last day of June,
I think I’ve procrastinated long enough.
It’s time to get this 4th of July party started around here…
I got a little crafty this time by making my own paper stars.

They are super easy to make–cause if they weren’t
you wouldn’t see them here! 🙂
I am going to share the tutorial with you later this week.
The sign in my picture, I snagged from Pinterest.
The bottom shelf has a silhouette of the Unites States. 
To make this I printed the shape out on card stock, then cut it out
and placed a pretty piece of scrapbook paper behind it. 

 My lanterns even have patriotic candles!
I just cut out some scrapbook paper and wrapped them.
I think this Independence Day display is very festive.
I am really glad I tried making the stars,
they were fun plus I learned something new. 

I am officially decorated for the 4th,
with only 4 days to spare! Whew. 
Have you decorated yet,
or am I the only one who saves things for the last possible minute?


  1. This is so festive for the 4th! And those stars do not look easy to make, but I’ll take your word for it!! Happy 4th!!

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