It’s The Little Things That Matter…

My husband came home from work early yesterday and was a little bummed. He was disappointed because he would rather be working and making money than be at home. And I understood what he was feeling , because let’s face it, I like money too!! But sometimes if you focus on what your not doing or what you don’t have you miss out on big blessings. 

You see, I told my husband that today can still be a blessing. Our son was at preschool and it was just us. We haven’t had a date night in what seems like forever, it’s been at least two months, maybe more. So why not use this time we have together to share in each others company. So we did just that.

We went out and got some bagels and cream cheese and fried chicken. I know, fried chicken??? That was for my husband! I guess he had a craving! Anyway, we got our snacks and went and sat in the backyard. We soaked in the beauty of the morning sun and the enjoyed our uninterrupted conversation about anything that came to our minds. It was a refreshing way to spend time together.

We eventually started talking about winning the lottery and how we would spend the money. We could travel, move and buy a bigger house, pay off debts, we would have so much freedom. Oh, to dream! If we had all that money we could be so happy and stress free!!

But you know? After we sat there awhile, we realized something. We don’t need a lottery to make us happy and stress free.  All we need are a few quiet moments like this one right now. Just taking a little time to laugh and talk. To remember what we like about each other and what lead us to falling in love. 

Sure, who wouldn’t want to win the lottery. But money doesn’t ensure happiness. We choose happiness in the little things we do each and every day. A little kiss, an evening walk, an unexpected hug, a sweet smile, a joyful laugh, a morning with bagels and chicken and the love of your life. 

Life is short…money doesn’t matter….people do. Enjoy the little things, that’s what truly matters!

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  1. You are so right! It is so easy to get caught up in the stresses of life that we end up missing the beauty found in simply living. I’m so glad God gave you a BEAUTIFUL, UNEXPECTED BLESSING, and even happier that you had the wisdom to recognize the gift you have been given!

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