12 Weeks To An Organized Home- Part 9

The guest room…

I thought the laundry room was going to be embarrassing!! That was nothing compared to this room! I know what your thinking… it can get worse?! Well, surprise!! It can and it did!

This room used to be our guest room but since no one ever visits us, we decided to get rid of the bed and make it more of an office space. I thought that I could also make a part of the room a great space for Sebastian to do some table type activities. 

Without further ado…here is the room that was taking over my house! (Big sigh…..)

This area is suppose to be a relaxing reading area!! Nothing relaxing about this…matter of fact I am starting to get stressed again by just looking at this picture! 

This is our library area. Kinda organized, but really cluttered. Just too much stuff!!

This is the computer area that is very messy and really unorganized. This room was out of control!! So I finally got brave and got organized!!

Here is the finished project:

Now this is a relaxing reading area!!! Clean and free of stress!! 

This is a much more organized library. We still have way too many books, but the shelves have a purpose. The very top of the bookcases is where I decided to display wedding pictures along with wedding albums. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner. It looks nice up there, don’t you think? The first two shelves are for books for my husband and I. The three lower shelves on the left are for my son’s books and educational games and toys. (I eventually want to put a little table and chairs in this room for him to play while I am on the computer. But, that’s another project for another day!) The bottom three shelves on the right are for my husband to be a kid! This is his place to put all his childhood Star Wars toys and his comic books. Got to love the kid in the man!

And finally the computer area….

Organized and useful, just the way a home office should be! I even had my husband finally hook up the speakers that had just been sitting there all this time. So nice now to have music in the background!! It’s like a whole new room and I love it! 
Even though I was scared to step foot in this room, it has been worth the journey! Now, if I can only remember that when I step foot into the garage!! To be continued….

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