It’s A Girl! Meet Our Newest Family Member

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There are many days when I feel outnumbered when it comes to keeping my home clean. A husband, two kids and a pug keep me spinning from spill to spill. And that doesn’t even include the daily cleaning to just maintain.


But with our newest family member, keeping the house clean just got a whole lot easier! She helps out daily, without a single compliant and always right on time. I can already tell, this girl and me are going to be life long friends! Who is she? My new bObi classic robotic vacuum cleaner. bObi joined our family about two weeks ago and my house has never been cleaner!

bObi classic sweep robotic vacuum

Not everyone in the family was as thrilled about her arrival. Watch this video to see how Britton said hello…

YouTube video
Britton is kinda like…”I’m cool with you little vacuum, but you just stay over there!” 😉

When I first set her up, I wondered how much dirt she would actually collect. Her method is rather different than how I vacuum. But check out what I found when I went to empty the dust bin…

bObi classic sweep robotic vacuum - full dustbin

That was just after one cleaning! *gasp!* Now…I know what you’re thinking. I do actually vacuum my house, regularly. But remember…the kids? The dog? We actually got a pug because people told us they don’t shed. Whatever. Do you see all of Butters dog hair?! Just so you know, this is what the dust bin looks like when it’s empty….

bObi classic sweep robotic vacuum - empty dustbin

Big difference right! And that’s why I think bObi classic is so impressive. I have her scheduled to go out every night at 8:00 pm. Before bObi, I would swept my kitchen/dining room 3-4 times a week and I would vacuum once a week. I’m still keeping with my regular vacuuming schedule but I only sweep now about once a week!

bObi classic sweep robotic vacuum2

“It is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.” Quick– name that movie! That quote is exactly how I feel about bObi. I’m so glad she joined the family!



  1. Where was that contraption when my kids were little? Have pretty good idea how hectic your life is. Feel as tho can never catch up?
    I had my first 11 days before I turned 20, 3 months before I turned 24 had my 3rd. Almost got all my child bearing done in 4 yrs. Was divorced for about 2 yrs. got remarried had one more at almost 30. Told new hubby if he wanted kids he’d better get to it cause I wasn’t going to be having any at 35. Good thing since had hysterectomy at 31. Also had thyroidectomy at 23, was about 3 months pregnant for 3rd. when I had surgery.
    Guess that’s why we have those little rascals when we’re young, have enuf energy to keep us going.
    Your little guy is so cute with his blond hair and baby chubby arms and legs. He showed that machine who was boss. What is your other child, boy or girl?
    Have you always lived in Denver? Do you like living there and dealing with lots of people and traffic. We live on western slope about 18 miles west of Grand Junction out in rural area. Not a big city person any more after living in MT on 20 acres for 7 yrs. then KY for 5 yrs on 1 1/2 acres. and now here in CO on 1/2 acre. Before MT lived in San Diego area for 21 yrs. Before that Tucson.
    Enjoy your new vacuum and your weekend

  2. I need one stat. With the drought, pets and kids it’s like living in a cabin. lol I have to sweep and swiffer daily due to them. & we have no rugs. What a life saver. Thanks for sharing at the #InspirationSpotlight

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