I Finished It Friday: Ballard Designs Inspired Shelves


When I first saw these shelves in the Ballard Designs catalog…I just new the perfect place for them…in my house!!

But after looking at the price tag of $99.00 a shelf plus shipping…I knew that these shelves would not be seeing my house anytime soon. Unless….I made them! 
I knew I wouldn’t need to spend much to gather my supplies. I already had everything except for the molding, corbels and spray paint. So I gathered those goodies up and went for it!

Here is a list of supplies you will need to make one shelf:

1-1×10 or 1×12 pine board, cut to whatever length you need
1-8′ length chair rail molding in the design of your choice (for trim around the shelf)
2-corbels, I got mine at Home Depot (better selection than Lowes)
liquid nails
spackling/nail hole filler
paint, I used black gloss spray paint
First, I measured the wall area where I was going to hang the shelves to find out how long I wanted them. I then cut my boards at 30″ long with a compound miter saw. Don’t be afraid of the saw ladies, you can do it!! 🙂

I then measured and cut my trim. I used my compound miter saw for all the cuts because the trim needs to be cut at a 45 degree angle. This allows all the trim to meet up at the corners.
After I had made sure that all my corners matched as close as possible, I got out my favorite tool of all…my nail gun!! I lined everything up and fired away!! 
Which, will look like something like this when done…

Some of the corners where just about perfect!
Some where not…
But that’s okay…I have a solution for that…
My other favorite tool….spackling. I used this to fill in my ‘not so tight’ mitered corners and to cover my nail gun holes. 
It was then time to add these guys on…

I picked up 4 of these from Home Depot…I got the bigger ones which where about $8 a piece. I measured about 4 inches from the sides and drew lines to guide me.

I traced the outside of the corbel and then removed. I then filled in that area with this…

Like so…

Just to make sure they were really on there…I also fired a few shots with the nail gun. Better safe then sorry…right?!

I allowed the shelves time to dry and it was then time for the last step….the spray paint. My favorite party!!!

And here is the finished look…all decked-out for the 4th!

Aren’t the awesome!! I love them so!!!

And because we all love a great before and after…here is a picture of the kitchen before I installed the new shelves…

And this is the great after shot….

If you love the great 4th of July printable…you can print it from eighteen25. I know it’s already past the 4th, but I thought you might like to use it next year!

This was a super easy project and I am in love with all the endless decorating ideas that will grace these lovely shelves!!
 And that’s my finished project for this Friday!! Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Oh I am so proud of you for making these Ballard lookalikes – you did a fantastic job! And yes, that space in your kitchen is spiced up quite a bit with the new shelves and their decor. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m your newest “follower” from the blog hop and would love a follow back – thanks.


  2. That is awesome! I found you through the hop and now I am your latest GFC follower. I look forward to reading more!

  3. hey you’re post was linked to from knock of decor. i opened my reader and there you were on someone elses blog! cool!! and by the way your shelves are awesome and so is your rocking new mirror! you never cease to amaze me!!!!

  4. Love the shelves! BTW, just cuz it’s past the 4th of July doesn’t mean we have to wait till next year’s 4th to celebrate our Country’s freedoms. 🙂 Fly our U.S. Flag ladies and gents every day! It’s a privilege not every country has.

  5. Those shelves are awesome, I am going to try this. How did you fasten the shelves to the wall? What did you use to do that?

  6. Thanks, Christette! The cool thing about corbels is they come with the built-in hangers on the back. Super easy! 🙂

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