I Am Going To Fight Back!

Marriage is hard. I know that is a pretty blunt statement to open with, but if you have been married or are married…you know I speak the truth.

It takes work, sacrifice, compromise, forgiveness, a sense of humor and most of all….love.

And life can be brutal on marriages. We get busy with work and obligations, and spend less time together. Then the kids come and the communication can get even less. Plus, you are tired. Sooo tired. And we all know, we are not at our best when we are exhausted. And after years of this…you can feel like your marriage is under attack and you are losing the battle.

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So, I say if life is going to attack my marriage… well, I am going to fight back!!

My husband and I will soon be leaving on a trip. Just us. Our little man is staying with the grandparents for 8 days. Yep…that’s right, 8 days! This trip is our battle plan. We have decided to grab up all our strongest weapons…sleep, communication, laughter, romance, adventure,  and last but not least, some child like play. We are going to relax and enjoy each others company. That’s right, take that life!!

And not to boast, but I think our plan is a winner. Because when you take the time for each other and remember why you fell in love, your marriage instantly grows stronger. Remove the distractions, the noise and the obstacles, and all that is left is a wonderful, strong and united team.

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On this Thankful Thursday, I am so grateful for this gift of time that my husband and I get to share with each other. It’s precious and very valuable…and I am going to take in every moment!

So yea…we will soon have a 8-day long fight on our hands. But…I am pretty sure we are going to whip its’ butt on day one!!! 🙂


  1. Great post I think we all need to realize that we need time to reconnect with our spouse. Curious, where will you be going?

  2. We will start our trip in New York City….then off to Maine! Its going ti be a wonder trip this time of year!!! 🙂

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