How To Update Your Sink


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Do you a bathroom with an outdated sink and faucet? Would you love to replace it? Think you can’t do it yourself? If you answered yes to those questions, today’s post is just for you!

Update a sink easily from boring to fabulous with my easy tutorial!

My half bathroom has been on my to-do list for quite some time. When I gorgeous brand new Pfister faucet arrived on my door step, I knew exactly where it would go. But there was just one problem, this lovely Park Avenue faucet would not fit on my current sink. So what does this DIYer lady do? Rebuild the whole bathroom? I wanted to but my husband gave me that “I’m so scared you’re going to destroy our home look” so I decided to just put in a new sink. (plus change a few other things!) The whole finished remodel is coming to the blog next week. Today I am sharing the steps to replacing a sink. It’s easy…I promise. Here’s my before sink.

sink before

This sink was good enough but the faucet was not ideal for children. My son would often soap up his hands and then couldn’t adjust the hot water. So it was time to bring in a new sink with a fabulous new faucet.

My first step was too turn off the hot and cold water lines. Makes sense right. Then I turned on the faucet to remove any water pressure in the lines. Once that was done, it was time to disconnect the water lines from the current faucet. The number one tool I suggest you grab for this project is a plumbers basin wrench.

tools needed to update a sink

This is my second time replacing a faucet. My first time I did not have this tool. Big…BIG mistake. Buy it. The space under sinks is awkward and tight. And those screws are probably on there tight. Way tight. The basin wrench has extra length and can grip those screws like you wouldn’t believe. It took me all of five minutes to get my water lines disconnected. Be sure to also pick up some Plumbers Putty, some sealant and a pair of pliers.

I then loosed the slip nut and carefully removed the P-trap. It’s a good idea to have a bucket underneath the P-trap as you do this step to catch any water.

remove p-trap to update a sink

Once all of the above was done,  my sink was officially disconnected. Now I had to remove the sink from the vanity base.  I needed to break the sealant so I used an old kitchen knife and a hammer to gently separate them. I then simply lifted the sink off the vanity and was left with a giant hole…

sink gone

I cleaned up the counter and removed all the old sealant. I added a small amount of sealant around the vanity sink opening and I was ready to insert my new sink. Bonus Tip! Attach your faucet to the sink before you install the sink…it’s way easier!

The last step was to reconnect the P-trap and my water lines. Once my new sink was set, I re-caulked around the sinks edge and the back of the vanity. And this is the finished project…

sink after

I love the look of this new sink and the faucet is so gorgeous! My son gives it two thumbs up as well. No more burning hot water. 🙂

sink after close up

I can’t wait to show you the before and after on this whole bathroom. Just to give you a hint: there’s been lots of painting. 😉



  1. Great job! We have a powder room that needs a redo. Can you come over?! Visiting from The DIY Like a Boss party.

  2. Great tutorial. And thanks for the tip about the plumbers basin wrench. I’ve replaced a faucet before, and, you’re right, the screws were tight and awkward to get to. That wrench would have helped a lot. Pinning so I don’t forget.

  3. I really like how you didn’t miss a detail. Everything is cohesive and thought about. Thanks so much for leaving the links for each purchase. That helps so much.

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