Happy Starts Here

This post brought to you by ALPO® Brand Dog Food . All opinions are 100% mine.

In our home, happy starts with our pug, Butters.

Butters was the first member to join our family after hubby and I got married. 
Three years later the little man came and he brought a ton of happy too! 🙂
Butters pretty much has only two favorite activities: sleep and eat! 
Just the other day, 
my husband and I were trying to figure out how many hours in the day he actually spends sleeping. 
We never could agree on a number so we will just say…it’s a lot!
He’s other activity is eating. How do you know when your dog is spoiled? 

When you feed him in the morning, he slowly strolls over and sniffs the food and then looks up at you like, “That’s all you got?” Please. I’ll just go sleep.
That’s right. He will actually pass up food, that is until we start eating. 
Then he is one focused pug. He’s waiting for any opportunity to grab a morsel, a scrap, anything that might come his way. Well, except for lettuce. Not a fan.
We’ve tried all different types of dog food trying to entice him. But so far, no favorites. 
So when I was asked to try a new dog food from ALPO®, 
I was more than willing to give it a shot. In a few weeks, I will be sharing with you Butters review. 
I wonder if it’s going to get a “paws” up? 🙂
If your dog is a picky eater as well, you might want to check out this little video from ALPO®.
YouTube video
If you are interested in more information, 
check out  ALPO’s Facebook Page and  ALPO’S HOMEPAGE.
So does your dog devour his/her food or take their sweet time? Maybe it’s a pug thing? 
Or maybe it’s just a Butters thing?!

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