Happy Birthday To You!!


Today, November 3, is Sebastian’s 3rd birthday!

For the past two weeks, Sebastian and I have been practicing the “Happy Birthday Song” and he has become very good at singing it. Maybe too good. Because today, he was not interested in singing it at all!! Maybe to much practice makes one little boy sick of the “Happy Birthday Song”!

And today, on his actual birthday, I wanted to record him singing for all of you. So please note, that this is not his best performance. That being said, we are so proud of our little boy and we feel so blessed to have had these past 3 years with him in our lives. We pray for many, many more wonderful years to come. Happy Birthday Sebastian! We love you.

Oh, and let me add an “Excuse me.” for Sebastian. He had a little burp at the end of his song. Manners are so important!!

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