Can It Be Done?

Okay, so you may not want to know, but I am going to tell you anyway. There is a little over a month left until Christmas. Or if you prefer to say 5 weeks or 37 days. Anyway you want to count it, time is running out.

I sat down the other day and printed a calendar which only contained two months, November and December 2009. I was feeling over whelmed with all the tasks and ideas I wanted to accomplish before Christmas arrived. I thought my first step in bringing some order to the chaos in my mind was to make a daily schedule.

As I was filling in my calendar, I posted a question on Face book to all my friends. My question was…”I am in the process of organizing and planning everything I need to accomplish before Christmas. Can it be done?”

As my friends started replying to my question, I discovered that most seem rather burned out and tired with all the preparation and money that is involved with Christmas. When day-to-day life is busy enough, adding tasks like stringing up lights and finding that perfect gift can seem daunting. One friend even replied…”No…give up now and go watch T.V.”

Although I understood there grievances with the holiday, I have to say I didn’t agree. Even though my list of tasks is driving my crazy. And even knowing that I am going to have to focus my time and energy wisely so I can accomplish all my goals, I still wouldn’t want to skip a step or leave something out on Christmas.

To me, Christmas is a magical time of the year for so many reasons. A celebration of our Saviors birth. An amazement of sparkly lights in our nights. Sweet music that you love and know by heart. Moments of thoughtfulness and love. Spending time with family-cherished gifts that money can’t buy. All which bring magic to the winter air.

I will admit that stringing up Christmas lights has never been my favorite thing to do, but seeing the bright lights always brings a smile to my face. Putting up the tree and decorating is time consuming and hard work, but I love to sit in the dark afterward with only the lights of the tree aglow. Beautiful. Sending out Christmas cards takes time, but I love going to the mailbox to find Christmas cards from loved ones just for me!

And as you know, my son is three years old now. I want to share it with him my joy for the season. These Christmas’s will some day be memories that he will look back on and treasure. (I hope.) And that when he does think of the past, he will feel the magic that I tried to show him over the years. He will be in awe of the gift of Jesus. He will smile when gazing upon beautiful lights. He will sing with the melody’s of seasons past. He will know that those moments of thoughtfulness and love were with him year after year. And that his family was the most treasured gift of all.

So, can it be done? Yes, and I am going to do it all for the magic of the season. How about you?

Photo by a.rud.beth

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