Halloween “Treat” Me Right Meal Plan with Recipes


Today I am sharing a fun Halloween menu that is perfect
for a gathering of friends or family, big or small.

The first item on this fun menu is my Spooky Pomegranate Cocktail. 

To prepare the cocktail, 
I squeezed a lime on the rim and then dipped them in pomegranate sugar.
Then I mixed a little lime juice, simple syrup, light rum and pomegranate juice for a sweet treat.
For a fun Halloween touch I added sparkly witch shoes into the top of each straw.
Looks like someone got a little tipsy and fell in! 🙂

Next on the menu is a warm, tender beef stew with cute boo tatoes.

This stew is one of my favorite to cook because it’s a one dish meal.
Just combine some cubed roast beef,tomato paste, diced onions, chopped carrots,
garlic, balsamic vinegar, a few bay leaves and some water. Cook for two hours.
Couldn’t be simpler. 🙂
While the stews cooks in the oven I made my ghost boo potatoes.
The trick with these is all in the presentation. 🙂
Follow your traditional recipe for mashed potatoes.
Once cooked, place the potatoes in a pastry bag to pipe mash the potatoes into ghosts.
I used to black peppercorns for the eyes. 
The stew meat is so tender and the mashed potatoes are so yummy, 
it makes one perfect, satisfying fall meal.  Now comes the best part of this menu. 
I saved it for last….the No-Bake Spider Web Cheesecake!  Oh yeah!


So creamy, so sweet, so scary! Well, okay the last part may be a stretch. 🙂
I am going to share with you all the steps for making this rich, Halloween treat.You will need the following ingredients along with some sugar, butter and salt.

 First, we’ll start by making the crust. 
Place all your bunny friends into a mini food processor and ground them until fine.
Sorry, but I can’t say no bunnies were harmed in the making of this cake! 🙂

Next combine the cookies with melted butter, sugar and salt.
Then we are going to press the mixture into the springform pan covering 
the bottom and up all the sides.

We want to cover the crust and refrigerate while we make the ganache.

 Ganache is the chocolate that covers the crust of the cheesecake.
We’re going to warm up a 1/2 cup of heavy cream to a simmer.
Place our chocolate bar into a food processor and grind until nicely chopped. 
Add the cream to the chocolate and when it starts to melt, blend until smooth.

We’ll pour that chocolate mixture into our crust covering all of the bottom and sides.

Again,cover we’ll cover crust and refrigerate while we move on to making the filling.

For the filling, we’ll add our cream cheese into the mixer.

Beat until fluffy, about 3 minutes, then add sugar and salt and beat another 3 minutes.
Then beat in our vanilla.
Whisk your cream until peaks form and then gently fold into your cream cheese.

Pour your filling into the crust and gently tap the pan on the counter to release any air bubbles.

The last step is the trickiest part of this fun treat.
But it wouldn’t be a true Halloween dessert without a little trick or treat, right?

Using your Hershey syrup, start at the center and make an outward spiral.

To make the web, pull the tip of a pairing knife from the center to the outer edge.
Wipe the knife clean and repeat every inch or so around the cake.
Then, if you wish added a few toy spiders for fun.

It should look something like this when you are finished…

Oh, and just so you know. I couldn’t stand taking any more pictures of 
this festive cheesecake without trying a piece.

Oh my goodness…..so worth it! 
If you only make one thing from this Halloween menu….make this cake! 🙂

(SEE AND PRINT THE COMPLETE SPIDER WEB CHEESE CAKE RECIPE HERE)I hope you enjoyed my menu and found something new to add to your
special trick or treat night!

I wish you a very Happy Halloween!



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