Guess What? It’s Date Night!!

Last night, my husband and I were treated with a date night!! My husband’s parents live in-town and are usually available to watch Sebastian twice a month. We usually drop Sebastian off early evening and then we return the next morning to have breakfast as a family.

Date nights are great for so many reasons. The list could go on forever, so I will just share the top 5.

1. My husband and I get to really enjoy each others company. There are no interruptions and we can really focus on conversing with each other. We generally try to make a rule that we won’t talk about Sebastian, money, or bills.

2.Sebastian gets to really enjoy Papa and Grandma’s company. We really like that Sebastian gets to interact with the Grandparents without us around. It’s special time that he can really bond with just them.

3. Sebastian gets to be in a totally different environment. Everything is different. The interaction, the toys, the books, the house, the activities, the dogs, the food, etc. All different and that’s good.

4. We get to enjoy activities that Sebastian would not. I think our favorite things to do on a date is to eat out and then see a movie in a theater. I do know it is possible to eat out with a two-year-old, but I have to say it is more enjoyable to eat out by ourselves! And we do rent movies that we missed when they were in the theater, but going to the theater and having the whole experience with the munchies and atmosphere is way better!!

5.More appreciation all around. The next morning when we arrive Sebastian is so happy to see us and I am so happy to see him. I truly believe that we both appreciate each other more when we have time away. It’s just like that saying…absence makes the heart grow fonder.

All moms deserve a date night. Or it could even be a night out with the girls. Moms just need time away to unwind and de-stress and just have some fun!! If you don’t have grandparents in town, maybe you could take turns with another couple that has children. That way it would be free babysitting for both couples!!

No matter how you arrange it, I encourage all moms to try your best to make a night off for yourself a reality. Speaking from experience, this is one of the best ways to improve your mommy skills. And have fun while you are doing it!!
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