Friday’s Fantastic Friday

Hey there and a very happy Friday to you!
We have really exciting plans today.
Oh yea. We are driving our car to the dealer to fix our bumper that fell off.
Yep. Right now it is bungee corded in place.
It’s one of the hazards of having a low car!
All we need is a big slap of duck tape on there to make it perfect. 😉

Here’s hopin’ it’s an easy fix and not too expensive! (fingers and toes crossed)

And I’m wishing for you a much more exciting day than ours! 

Fantastic Summer Dessert: Blueberry-Cherry Cobbler. I want to eat this right this very minute!

Fantastic DIY: Jumbo Tape Dispenser. Genius!! No more looking for that roll of tape. 

Fantastic Shopping Tips: 16 Shopping Secrets for Target. Need a reason to shop Target? This should help!


Fantastic Summer Hairstyle: The Low Rolled Updo. Quick and easy!

Fantastic Words of Wisdom: 

Fantastic Free Sweet: Donuts! Did you know today is National Donut Day?! There are tons of donut shops that are giving away one FREE donut. No bakeries? Try out this recipe for Airy Glazed Donuts. 🙂

Fantastic Summer Outfit: Love this navy combination! To me it looks easy, breezy and classic.

Fantastic Funny: I shared this on my Facebook page awhile back and it was a huge hit. I’m sure you can guess why!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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