Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Welcome to another Friday and let me be the first to congratulate you on making it through another week! 🙂
Time to see what fantastic finds I discovered this week….

Fantastic Breakfast Recipe: Breakfast Cookies. I didn’t know you could have cookies for breakfast?! That’s awesome!

Fantastic Quote:
Fantastic Place I Want To See: Mountain Paradise, Canada. Besides the fact that I would pretty much travel anywhere, I really want to go here!
Fantastic (Floor-less) Bathroom: Glass Floor Bathroom. This bathroom is set on top an  unused 15 story lift shaft. I think I would be so mesmerized by the floor, I would forget why I needed to go in there. 🙂

Fantastic Way To Eat A Vegetable: Fried Zucchini Chips. These fun chips are fried in the oven and then you dip them in a creamy basil dipping sauce. Yum!


Fantastic Backyard Party Idea: Lawn Jenga. I actually have enough extra wood in my garage that I think I could easily build my own!

Fantastic Funny If You’ve Shopped at IKEA:

Fantastic Cinco de Mayo Dessert: Margarita Cupcakes. Tequila and cupcakes? Never would have thought to put them together…but I like both!  🙂

Fantastic Pass Out: I think we have all been there. 🙂
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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