A Garage Clean Out Challenge…Count Me In!

I am not proud of what I am about to show you.
Nope. Not at all.
My garage…it is crying for help. 
And so am I!
It’s bad, right?!
Like how in the world am I going to mow the lawn when
the lawnmower is a shelf for some of my boxes?
I say some boxes because as pointed out by the arrows,
I obviously have way too many.
Honestly, I think if you put a few boxes together…
they will reproduce like rabbits!
I wish I could tell you the other side of the garage was better.
I could, if I lied!
Saw dust (noted by arrows) covers everything in my garage like a warm blanket.
My extra wood boards have outgrown my previous storage solution of…
you guessed it…a box.
Oh, you noticed the infant car seats on the back wall?
Yea…my infant is now 5 years old. Don’t think I need those anymore.
The freezer on the back wall sometimes is so covered in stuff
that I can’t even open it. How pathetic is that?
I’ve been wanting to tackle this garage for oh….almost everyday that 
I go out to get in my car.
(Yes, my car will fit in here, but it’s not pretty and
I can barely squeeze in/out of the car)
I know some great tips in cleaning out the garage
but great organization in this area, I lack.

That’s why I’m An Organized Junkie has made me so happy.
She is doing a new challenge for the month of May called…

The Great Garage Clean Out Challenge!

Laura (we have the same name) is going to give us weekly tips on how 
to organize the garage using her process steps.
All I have to say is…count this chicky in! 🙂

It is so good to know that I am not the only one who needs help in this area.
And if you are like me, I invite you to join the challenge with me!


  1. Let me try my comment again. I’m typing from my phone and we all know what auto correct can do. LOL. Anyway. I see some great organizing things you already have in place that are great!!! Ex: the ladder hanging from the wall, the bikes hanging from the ceiling, the storage towards the ceiling. Knock this thing out girl!!! I know you can do it!! I will enjoy watching your progress.

  2. That looks practically bare next to mine! Ugh! I don’t even want to think about it. A car hasn’t fit in ours for years!

  3. I am so glad that you are linking up with us for the garage challenge! And I want to ask you…. Are you even storing anything in that freezer now that you can’t access? Think of all of that extra freezer space you’ll have once you can reach it again…. Perfect for summer Popsicles!

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