Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Yippee! It’s Friday! And you know how I feel about Friday…..

I hope you have had a wonderful week.
I have not been as productive this week as life as 
raised it’s head and interfered with my plans!
Oh well, the weekend is coming…and that’s my catch up time! 🙂

I have another week full of fun fantastic finds from around the web to share…

hope you like them!

Fantastic Sandwich: Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I can not wait to try this! I love everything about it, including the name. 🙂

Fantastic Parenting Tool: When I stumbled upon this idea, I was so impressed! Larissa you totally rock! 🙂 Such a great way to motivate kids to pick up their things!

Fantastic Copy Cat Recipe: Chipotle Guacamole. Our family eats there, oh, about once a week. We love the quality of food and of course, it’s Mexican, my favorite! 🙂 I am going to have to try this recipe because this lady loves her guacamole!

Fantastic Definition of Love:

Fantastic Hair Tutorial: Twisted Updo. (I love this blog.) Kate shares great video on how to do this dressy hairstyle…perfect for any fancy summer occasion.

Fantastic Fun For All Us Moms:

Fantastic Redo: Small Bathroom Makeover. I love the way they took this bath from small and drab to fab. A few simple changes can make a big difference!

Fantastic Words of Wisdom:

Fantastic Summer Pasta Recipe: Creamy Linguine with Zucchini. Besides that being a mouthful to say, I am sure this recipe is a winner!

Fantastic (Super Long) Funny Text Message:

 Have a super fantastic weekend everyone! 🙂

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