Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Hello there!
 I totally meant to share my Friday’s Finds on Friday,
but my internet provider had a different plan.
I spent most of yesterday checking to see if I had any connection,
which I didn’t. So sad. 🙁
But, good news…
I finally got connected this morning! Ya-hoo!

So we are off to the cabin and hopefully I will be back
later today to share some more.
Have a fantastic Saturday morning!!

Fantastic Fall Dessert: Pumpkin Coffee Cake. Fall is just around the corner and I can’t think of a better way to start the season then baking this pumpkin goodness!

Fantastic Funny: Those crazy cats! 🙂

Fantastic Must See: Preacher’s Rock, Norway. This phenomenal rock sits 1982 feet above Lysefjordan. What a view!
Fantastic Did You Know: Lemon Juice Removes Rust.  Soak your knives in lemon juice and rust spots disappear. Good to know.

Fantastic Advice:

Fantastic Beauty Tips: 101 Lazy Girl Makeover Tips. A great list of new tips and tricks for shortcut ways to get flawless hair, skin and makeup. 

Fantastic Recipe For Pizza Night: Perfect Homemade Pizza Crust. Learn some great new pizza dough makin’ tips and tricks. Like, do you know you can freeze the dough?!

Fantastic Church Sign: This cracked me up! I had to share…
Have a wonderful weekend!

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