Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Happy After Thanksgiving Friday!

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope you did too!
This weekend will be packed full of decorating
because last Christmas I was sick for weeks. 
No Christmas cards were mailed, no outside lights, 
heck I barely got a tree up! 
I felt like I totally missed the whole holiday.

That is not going to happen this year.
I’m feelin good and it’s going to get all Christmas-fied up in here! 😉 
But before I begin, it’s time to share some fun finds from around the web! 

Fantastic Wish List: This could totally be my Christmas wish list!

Fantastic Cookie: Pumpkin Faux Pie. If your kids really love pumpkin pie, then I bet they will love this large sugar cookie that looks like a pie. How cute!

Fantastic Holiday Tradition: Christmas Jars. Save some money all year long and then give the jar to some anonymously that could use it.

Fantastic Must-See in St. Louis: City Museum. Among other cool things, they have this seven-foot slide! Oh yea!

Fantastic Leftover Turkey Idea: Turkey and Corn Enchiladas. When life gives you lots of turkey, make enchiladas! 

Fantastic Holiday Funny: Now that the Christmas season is official on, I thought this would be cute to share cause ladies, you know it’s so true! 🙂

Fantastic MUST See: No, really I must go to the Cliffside Cafe in Gourdon, France! I can’t even imagine that view!!

Fantastic Advent Calendar: Finally… an advent calendar that will actually help you get through the holidays!! 😉

 Have a fantastic weekend friends!


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