Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Happy Friday!
This turned out to be an interesting week.
Did I finish decorating the tree? Nope.
It’s up, lights are on, but no decorations are home! 🙂

And guess what my son brought home from school on Wednesday? 
Pink eye. So yea, that’s fun.
I’m wiping everything down with disinfectant every second while
at the same time trying so hard not to touch my own eyes.
(Talking to myself like a crazy lady: Don’t do it Laura. DO NOT touch your eyes!!!)
I’ve never had pink eye and I would like to keep those bragging rights. 

Hopefully I will get the rest of my decorating done this weekend so I can
start sharing with you my holiday spirit.
(I do have some, you just can’t see it yet.)

For now, it’s time to enjoy some fantastic finds!

Fantastic Dessert: Andy’s Mint Chocolate Cheesecake. You totally had me at the word cheesecake, but with mint…on my goodness!

Fantastic Must See: Crested Butte Scarp Ridge Lodge. Seeing how this chic rental lodge is only 5 hours away from where I live, this mustsee may just have moved to the top of my list! 🙂 Love this kids bunk bed room but…

 I am pretty sure my favorite spot would be right here…so beautiful!

Fantastic Comfy Outfit: Love the sweater and the boots. So cute!

Fantastic Simple Holiday Treat: Rolo Turtles. I have actually had these and they are very yummy. A great holiday goodie hat won’t keep you in the kitchen for hours.

Fantastic Words of Wisdom:

Fantastic Warm Drink: Homemade White Hot Chocolate. A sweet treat to drink by a warm fire. 🙂

Fantastic Must-Have for Nails: Red Sparkle Mini Nail Trio. I can’t decide…I love all three colors. So glad it’s a trio and I get all them all! 🙂

Fantastic Holiday Funny: One word: FANTASTIC!


Have a fantastic weekend! 🙂


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