Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Oh yes, we can!!
Happy Friday to you!

Yesterday was a good day,
I have been working so hard on my 31 day series that
I decided to take a break from blogging and writing.

Want to know what I did on my break?
I cleaned my house and it was wonderful. 🙂

I truly find cleaning to be so therapeutic and calming.
Something I guess about having everything in it’s place and 
bringing some order to my home.
Ya, I know I’m crazy. 
But I am happy and and my home is clean (for now)
so all is well with the world. 

It’s time for some Fantastic Finds….

Fantastic New Way to Eat Potatoes: Hasselback Potatoes. Such a fun way to eat yummy potatoes.

Fantastic Must See: Venice, Italy. I said it once and I’ll say it again…I am going to see Venice.
Fantastic Sleeper: Someone is sleeping good! 🙂

Fantastic Reason to Love Today:

Fantastic Dinner Idea: Avocado Chicken Parmigiana. I love anything with avocados and this dish looks amazing!

Fantastic Photography: This picture is amazing but it also makes me feel a little chilled. 🙂

Fantastic DIY Tip: Winter Tips For Melting Ice. I don’t think this will work for the above picture but for you car covered in ice, I would give these tips a try! 

Fantastic Funny: I stumbled  upon this video and you have to watch…Gladys is too cute!

Have a fantastic weekend!


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