Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Welcome to another Friday’s Fantastic Finds —  here’s a little roundup of what caught my eye this week! 


Welcome to another Friday's Fantastic Finds --  here's a little roundup of what caught my eye this week! #fridayfinds #fantasticfinds


Fantastic for the Floors: Chunky Knit Sweater Rug. The rug that’s perfect for chilly-weather! It comes in two neutral colors and it’s on sale. It’s like a cozy sweater for your floors!

chunky knit sweater rug



Fantastic Wardrobe Find: Smocked Tank Jumpsuit. I’ve had my eye on this jumpsuit all summer. And now it’s on sale for all Madewell Insiders! (All you have to do to become an insider is sign-up – it’s free and you’ll then get free shipping on all your purchases as well. ) Even though we are headed into fall, a soft, light cardigan sweater could go perfect with this jumpsuit!

smocked tank jumpsuit from madewell



Fantastic for the Table: Range Dinner Plate. Love the neutral look of this plate. I’ve been needing to get some new plates because most of mine are chipped. These would be perfect!

range dinner plate



Fantastic for Fall: Vintage Jeans. Who doesn’t love a classic pair of jean? These ones have 5-star reviews and right now, they’re on sale for 50% off. Maybe it’s time to stock up on a couple of pairs?! 🙂

vintage jeans



Fantastic for Dessert: Easy Swirled Cinnamon Sugar Croissant Loaf. This loaf looks so good. I’ve always loved the combination of cinnamon sugar and any types of bread. Can’t wait to bake this soon!

Easy Swirled Cinnamon Sugar Croissant Loaf



Fantastic Words of Wisdom: Yes! Right now is a good time to reflect on what is really important to you!

in the rush to return to normal


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I hope you have a fantastic weekend friend!


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