Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Oh my goodness friends,
it has been raining cats and dogs with a few horses thrown in the mix!

The little mountain town (Estes) that has our summer cabin is flooded and the road
through the canyon to Estes is half gone- washed out by the raging river!
Local streets are flooded so you literally can not get from
one side of town to the other. It’s crazy!

I had to pick up little guy early from school yesterday and
there was no school today.
It’s suppose to keep raining until Monday. (sigh)
Please say a prayer for us in Colorado, we are doing our best to stay afloat!

 And now, it’s time to not think about water and just have some fun!
Hope you enjoy these fantastic finds!

Fantastic Healthy Dessert: Sweet Potato Brownies. I love sweet potatoes, so I am dying to give this recipe a try.

Fantastic Want: Fall Boots. I need some boots and I absolutely love this pair but I dont know where to buy them. Got any suggestions?

Fantastic Fall: I so badly want to climb into that picture and just start walking down the road! So beautiful!

Fantastic Animals: Looks like someone got caught! 


Fantastic DIY Project: A Simple Stenciled Pillow. How awesome?! I am going to give this project a try!


Fantastic Must-See and Do: California Pacific Coast Road Trip. I am actually doing this in October, starting at San Diego and ending in San Francisco. I am still planning my trip….so if you have nay suggestions of great restaurants, places to stay or things to do, please let me know! 

Fantastic Words of Wisdom: Your mind is so powerful! 🙂

Fantastic Not-So-Healthy Dessert: Tres Leches Cake. Pioneer woman, you did it again. 🙂

Fantastic Funny: Yep! lol. That’s how I feel! 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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