Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Happy Friday my lovelies!

if friday had a face

I can honestly tell you right now…I already want a Friday do over. Last night around 6:30 my oldest son started throwing up. It hasn’t stopped and as I write this it’s now almost noon. It has also found it’s way out of both ends, with BOTH kids and now the hubby is down too. I know….you’re completely jealous of me right about now. 😉

9 pairs of Pj’s, 8 loads of wash and about 1 hour of sleep. And….it’s still going and I’m the last woman standing. 🙁

I hope your Friday is going much, much better. If I’m not back on the blog by Monday….someone please send help!


Fantastic DIY: Pullout Baking Sheet Drawers. I need a bunch of pullout drawers in my home. I’ll take one in every bottom cabinet. Please and thank you.



Fantastic Holiday Dessert: Easter Bunny Cake. This is such an adorable idea!

easter bunny cake


Fantastic Shirt I Need In My Life: Messy Bun. If you saw my post on Instagram….this all makes sense.



Fantastic Recipe To Try: Keto Meatloaf Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Spinach. This looks really good and I’m not even on a Paleo diet. 😉

keto meat loaf stuffed with goat cheese and spinach


Fantastic Must Do: An Answered Prayers Frame. I love this idea from Instagrammer cpd_lady_officer. Each time God responds to a prayer, they write it on a little wooden heart and slide into the top of the frame like a piggy bank. A true visual of God working.

pray big


Fantastic Words of Wisdom:

you will never regret


Fantastic Comfort Food: Creamy Macaroni and Cheese Casserole. I would love to know this was on the menu for tonight, but I’d be the only one eating it.



Fantastic Outfit for Spring: So cute! Love the little pops of red.

cute spring outfit


Fantastic Funny: It’s the little things in life, right moms?



Have a fantastic weekend!


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