Fall Into The Beauty Of Change

Three times a week, I take morning walks around the neighborhood. I love my early walks. I love the world waking up. It brings your senses alive. The coolness in the air on your face. Hearing the birds singing their own little tunes. Beholding the beauty of the morning light. It’s all so wonderful. And I didn’t think it could get any better, but then….

Photo Credit: JJD.Photography

Fall appeared. Those subtle changes started showing up morning after morning. Those beautiful yellows, warm oranges, and ruby reds. Awwww….what a way to jump start your soul. You see, I love fall. I mean really love fall. I look forward to this season every year. I love the warm colors. Anyone that steps foot in my home knows that instantly. I find warm, earthy colors so cozy and relaxing. 

And I love the change that fall brings. When you see the beauty appear in the trees you know that summer will soon be in your past and a winter wonderland is in your future. You know that change is happening. There is no debating it. You can’t stop it. It’s a part of this life…seasons have to change.

And I honestly have to say that I am always ready for the change. I am ready to experience something different. I am ready to see the beauty the next season has in store.

Life is the same way. We all go through ‘life seasons’ , if you will.. Some seasons are warm and pleasant like a fun day at the beach. Some are wet, with constant rain and not a chance of sun for weeks. And some season are beautiful with vibrant colors and gigantic harvest moons. And just like the real seasons, our ‘life seasons’ are out of our control. We can’t stop them or skip the ones we don’t like. We just have to experience the change.

Well, today I am saying that I am thankful for change. Change is opportunity. It’s a invitation to explore. It is what you make it. Will you embrace the change or fight it? Will you seek the positive or latch on to the negative? How will you change?

Photo Credit: HaarFager

I challenge you to fall into the beauty of change this season. Behold the warm colors all around you. Seek the positive light of where you are in life right now. Listen to the songs being sung around you. Feel the coolness of the blessings of your life. Embrace the change.

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