Don’t You Love Those First Time Experiences in Motherhood?

This last Tuesday I found myself deep in another first time experience as a mom.

As I sat in a doctor’s office holding my sick little boy I thought, “This is a first. I guess I am truly a mom now.”

Not that I wasn’t before, but it just seems like there are some experiences in motherhood that seem to stop you in your tracks and remind you that you are a full-fledged mom. Some other examples for me were breastfeeding in the middle of the night with my newborn, or trying to quiet his screaming in a restaurant while everyone is staring, or attending family gatherings and realizing that I can’t just sit and chat, I have to be on the look out. Yep…these activities mean your a mom.

Being in that doctor’s office with my son reminded me of all those times I was at the doctors office before I had my own child. Sitting there watching moms try to comfort their children. Runny noses, coughs, and all those germs. Didn’t look like fun. And guess what I found out? It isn’t.

My son did pretty good in the lobby/waiting room, but when we got back to the exam room, he wasn’t to happy about waiting. And really, who is? I tried to read books to him, his FAVORITE thing to do, he was not having that!! I tried to cuddle him and assure him that all this waiting and all these people messing with him was to help him feel better. Ya…right mom! He was not buying that!! Every nurse that came in would say, “Oh…are you the one I have been hearing?” Ugh. Yes, that would be us!

I really have been blessed though because this was only my son’s third illness since he was born. He is two and a half now, so I figure that is a pretty good health record! The other illnesses he was able to recover from. But this time, he fought the good fight , but he just couldn’t seem to beat the cold. (If you remember my last Thursday post, I explained how he had gotten sick after we arrived back home from Texas)

So after finally leaving the doctors office (that would be an hour) and waiting for the prescription at the grocery store (that would be another 30 minutes), we arrive home. Sebastian gets medicine down, lunch down and then he’s down for a nap.

And finally, I am down to sit and and I am exhausted. Relieved, but exhausted. I am relieved that Sebastian has what he needs to get better, let’s here it for modern medicine! But I have to say, it can be quite exhausting trying to comfort a sick, miserable child.

I survived this new motherhood experience, but I do realize it won’t be the last. But, that’s okay. I am here for my child 100%, in sickness or in health, in laughter or tears; whatever I am called to do. Because that’s what a mom does. So on this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for my first sick child doctor visit because it reminded me of my very important job and the most precious gift in my life.

Which is…to be a good mom to my beautiful son.

Just to let you know, my little boy is feeling much better and he is acting much more like himself. One way I can tell is because once again, I am starting to see some beautiful smiles flashed my way! And I am liking what I see!!

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. Writing for a mommy blog (and not having kids of my own), I am always interested in hearing about first time experiences in motherhood. It’s really neat to hear about that and hopefully someday I’ll get to experience it myself!

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