DIY Valentine’s Day Burlap Banner

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Can you believe it’s already February?! This month is one of my favorites because of the love holiday. Is their a better reason to eat a box of chocolates? I think not. I realized looking back through my posts, I had an easy Valentine tutorial that I never shared with you. (Gasp! How could that be?) If you’re looking for an easy way to add some instant love to your home decor, today’s craft is for you!

DIY Valentine's Day Burlap Banner from Inspiration for Moms

My Valentine’s Day Burlap Banner takes about 30 minutes to make from start to finish! All you need is some scrap book paper, a few burlap hearts, a roll of burlap, some baker’s twine, scissors and a glue gun. Basically the standard crafters essentials! 🙂

The first step is to make my hearts. I used my burlap hearts as a guide for tracing the hearts onto the scrap book paper.

After I cut out my hearts it was time to make the individual burlap banner. I cut the first burlap banner at 7 inches long. I then folded it in half and cut at an angle to make the triangle shape. To make sure the entire banner was cut to the same size, I used one as my guide.

After the burlap was cut, I folded the top of each piece over about an inch to create a lip for the twine.

Next it was time to measure my twine. I knew that I wanted to do three rows in a zig-zag type of pattern.  So I decided to even out the burlap banners to three per row.

I took the twine, laid it on the counter and then placed my burlap pieces on top. I just used my scissors to space them out. (I’m a very hard-core crafter, can’t you tell?)

When I got everything spaced just right, I placed the twine inside the lip and added a little hot glue. I then pressed it closed. I flipped the banner over and then attached my hearts with some hot glue as well.

That’s pretty much it. I just repeated those step to make all three rows. I chose to hang the banner on my DIY Eagan Pottery Barn mirror.

I love how the banner adds a subtle touch of Valentine decor to my home without going over the top. Simple and sweet, just like Valentine’s Day! 😉 If you like the idea of an easy craft made with burlap hearts, be sure and check out my No-Sew Burlap Valentine’s Day Pillow tutorial.
So have you started decorating for Valentine’s Day yet? What your favorite sweet treat to receive on love day? I’ll take a box of cream chocolates! Please and thank you!


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