DIY: My New Lanterns

I loved the style of these lanterns, just not the color. So what’s a girl to do? Grab her spray paint, of course!!

This is what the lanterns looked like before I got my hands on them…

First step was to carefully remove the glass panels from each lantern.

Then I took them outside and placed them in a cardboard box. 

I then got my new BFF….

And then it was time to paint….my favorite part!!
Lay your eyes on the finished project with the glass panels reinserted…don’t you love it?!
Want a close up? Here ya go!
I love the new look and I think it looks better with the warm colors in my home. 
The perfect pair…
I haven’t finished the new look of my dining area yet, but it’s close. I can’t wait to show you these lanterns again when everything is perfectly in place!!

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