DIY: My Bathroom Redo!!


It’s finished…and I love it! I am so excited to share with you the final results! 

Remember when I mentioned a few weeks back that I wanted to update my half bath? Well, after seeing the final project,  I can’t believe how a little bit of molding can really transform a small place!

Before I show you all the finished pictures, I wanted you to see the bathroom before I got all crazy!!

As you can see, I was so excited to start this project, that I almost forgot to take any before pictures!! 
First, I added the chair railing and then I add the box molding…very easy to do!

Then, I framed the builders mirror. I cut my molding first and then taped to the mirror to make sure everything matched up correctly. I then used Liquid Nails to attach the molding to the mirror.
I love how the molding polished up the mirror! Loooooove it!!!
I thought it would be cute to show you my little photographer trying to capture a picture of himself, taking a picture of course! Man, I love that little guy!!
Next step, was to paint the ceiling red to match the walls. I thought by doing this I would make the crown molding POP off the walls! And I think it does, don’t you??

Now, I won’t lie. This was my first attempt ever, to install crown molding. And those corners and angles can be tricky…see…
Nope…not right…try again….
Nice try, Laura…but no cookie!! It took me about 6-7 tries and a board later to figure out what I was doing wrong…I had to angle the molding on my saw…not lay it flat! Duh!!  After I figured that out, it was smooth cuttin’!
I love the red color of the bathroom and I thought black and white would be the perfect accent colors. The towels I purchased a few years ago from Crate and Barrel. The love picture is the text from the 13th chapter of Corinthians.  I added it for a little Valentine’s touch. (Thanks to Betty Crocker {wannabe} for the print!)

My half bath is on the same hall as my garage door. And I have to tell you, every time I leave home I have to stop in the doorway and take a little peak at the awesomeness!! 
I would like to replace my sink lighting and get a new faucet. So I am keeping my eyes open for any sales. But for now, I am happy camper. 
And I have to say, this bathroom has given me some great inspiration to start me rolling on my closet redo! My saw better enjoy his break, cause I am ready to get to cuttin’ again!!! 🙂


  1. This is amazing to know that you did it all by yourself. I am a handy person but would not try this alone. I know what a pain the crown is to put up. Great job.

  2. good for you, that you did this all on your own! i love the idea of the box molding and your fun, funky colors! great job, you should be proud!

  3. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog! (and about your molding!)


  4. Looks great. I love the color. I have a half bath off my garage also with the same set up. I am choosing colors as i type this.

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