Get Creative When Decorating with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is popping up every where and not just on the walls. I’m sharing seven ways to get creative in your home when decorating with wallpaper. 

Love it or hate it, but wallpaper always comes back around in popularity. Right now I feel like it’s hotter than ever! I just had my first experience decorating with wallpaper when I updated (and reorganized) my linen closet. I was blown away by the simple but amazing look a single roll of wallpaper added to my tiny closet. 

Now I want to add wallpaper to every room in the house. You may think that last sentence is a joke. But I already have another room remodel project in the works and there will be wallpaper involved. Oh yes! 🙂

So if you’ve been thinking about adding wallpaper to your home but feel completely overwhelmed — I have some inspiration for you. I’m sharing seven creative ways you can use wallpaper in your home. Easy (only takes a few hours and one roll) projects that anyone can do! So let’s talk all things wallpaper… 



Putting up a framed panel of wallpaper is an easy way to get a fun pop of color or pattern without much commitment or work. You can easily switch it out and change it up as often as your heart desires. I adore this big black and white floral print featured below! 

wallpaper panel framed
Photo Credit: Property Brothers 





The fifth wall is a great place to add some art and design. I would save this for a small room though, like the laundry or a bathroom. This playful pattern with the clouds and green birds compliments those cabinets beautifully! 

wallpaper on ceiling
Photo Credit: Houzz via Floy Home





Think outside the wall and grab a piece of furniture instead! How fantastic is this idea of wallpapering the fronts of the drawers?! And this black and white hand drawn floral pattern could not be more perfect for this type of project. 

wallpaper on furniture
Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens 




Small Spaces 

Some may think that wallpaper is too big of a statement for a small room like a bathroom. But I totally disagree! To me, this is the perfect place to add some pattern, contrast and pizzazz that only wallpaper can add to a room! Plus, it’s not as much work (or cost) because of the smaller square footage. 

wallpaper in small spaces
Photo Credit: Studio McGee




You already know I’m a fan of wallpapering closets. This simple, but super playful wallpaper below, adds such a nice pop of detail to a rather boring space. It’s almost like a surprise when you open the closet doors! 🙂

wallpaper in closet
Photo Credit: Real Simple 



Focal Point

I’ve never thought to wallpaper a fireplace but look how striking! The design instantly makes the fireplace — although some what simple in structure — standout and the star of the whole living room.

wallpaper fireplace focal point
Photo Credit: Colin Way House & Home May 2017




If I didn’t have carpet on my stairs, I would be all over this project! The mix of wallpaper patterns gives each step it’s own character. And by using the same neutral colors of black and white, it also has a cohesive look. Love, love this idea!

wallpaper on stairs
Photo Credit: Lonny



So what do you think? Did this give you some inspirational ideas or ways to use wallpaper throughout your home? What was your favorite way of decorating with wallpaper? I think mine is that fireplace – so pretty! 

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Wallpaper is popping up every where and not just on the walls. I'm sharing seven ways to get creative in your home when decorating with wallpaper.

So have you tried decorating with wallpaper? Do you love it or hate it?

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