Darn You…Disappointment!

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Today, I am playing the ‘I Wish” game. I am sure you have played it before…it goes like this…

“I wish” I had a million dollars.
“I wish” I was skinny like that lady.
“I wish” I had a bigger house.
“I wish” I could go on vacation….right now!
“I wish” I was exempt from disappointments….

I know most of the wishes I have on that list are purely material things. And I don’t really need any of those things to be a happy, complete person. But the last wish…I really do wish I could make come true. Not only for me, but for all of you. Let’s face it….disappointments can be heart breaking and sometimes, almost to much to bear.

Yet, as we all know, NO ONE is exempt from feeling disappointed. They are a part of life. We have to teach our children from a fairly early age that disappointments do exist and you will have to learn how to react when they happen to you. 

I guess that’s the silver lining in a disappointment…the how are you going to react part? Because we can’t control the failure of an expectation….but we CAN control our reaction. 

And that’s the part I am going to choose to focus on today…my reaction.

Yes, “I wish” disappointments didn’t exist for me or you. Yes, “I wish” that every expectation we set for our lives is always met! Yes, and while we are at… “I wish” you all had a million dollars, too!

But today, I am going to pick myself up, dust myself off, and tell myself, “Laura, disappointments happen. You can choose to let this destroy your entire day or you can set another goal and step out in faith and believe. Your choice. Now, what’s it gonna be??”

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